A Heart Surgeon’s Experience Living and Using A Whole Food Plant-Based Diet – An Interview with Staton Awtrey, MD

The cause of the heart disease and chronic disease epidemic is the Standard American Diet (SAD), which promotes food addiction to fat, sugar and sodium.

There is “collateral” benefits in consuming a whole food plant-based diet (WFPBD) that frequently includes a reduction in angina, arthritis, high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, sinusitis, being overweight and other chronic conditions (as discussed in this interview).

Dr. Awtrey and his wife spend a great deal of one on one time educating their patients on how to implement a WFPBD, including directing a monthly potluck in the community where only whole plant-based meals are shared.

Switching to a WFPBD would save billions of governmental dollars in health care costs that could be used to pay down our national debt, provide better education for the masses, and be the single most important thing we can do for real health-care reform.

Dr. Awtrey shows tremendous passion in this interview for educating people on how to prevent or reverse their heart disease. He notes he doesn’t cure people with heart surgery, people, once they are educated can can reverse their heart disease and other conditions so their health is really in their hands, not their doctors.

Staton Awtrey, MD, General Cardiac/Thoracic Surgery, 3301 W. Illinois Ste 1A, Midland, TX 79701 (432) 682-2191 / (432) 682-1797 (FAX), sbawtrey@gmail.com

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