Lymphoma Treated with Water Only Fasting and the SOS Plant-Based Diet – An Interview with Dr. Alan C. Goldhamer

Watch Kirk’s overview video (2:33 mm:ss) of this interview with Dr. Goldhamer
In a 42-year-old lymphoma patient committed to a medically supervised, water only fast for 21 days, with a 10 day food reintroduction process, followed by the consumption of a whole food, plant-based diet free of sugar, oil and salt (SOS),  enlarged lymph nodes significantly reduced in size and at 6 and 9-month follow-up visits, the patient’s lymph nodes were non-palpable and she remained symptom-free. Dr. Goldhamer, medical director of TrueNorth Health Center also goes into depth about the physiology, risk and many benefits, of medically supervised water only fasting.  “Water-only fasting and an exclusively plant foods diet in the management of stage IIIa, low-grade follicular lymphoma,” BMJ Case Rep. 2015 Dec 10;2015. Alan Goldhamer , DC, TrueNorth Health Center, 1551 Pacific Avenue Santa Rosa, CA 95404, (707) 586-5555 ext 2022

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