How to Dramatically Improve Insulin Sensitivity in Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes with Diet – An Interview Robby Barbaro, Instructor, Mastering Diabetes Coaching Program

Robby Barbaro, now age 29, has been a type 1 diabetic since 12 years of age when he suffered an autoimmune attack of his pancreas. Possible triggering agents may have been his diet where he ate considerable amounts of dairy, wheat, meat, eggs and sugar. He believes a significant contributing factor was that he was NOT bottle fed. He may have been also have been vitamin D deficient. He had terrible inhalant allergies and had plantar fasciitis. He had acne treated with antibiotics as well as frequent ear infections (it is noted that when he finally changed his diet his acne, sinusitis and plantar fasciitis conditions cleared up as well).

His parents took him to the Mayo Clinic but this did not improve his diabetic control. All the diet recommendations he was given were to measure his servings of carbohydrate (“count carbs”) and he was encourage to have 1 fruit per day. He was taking two types of insulin.

His father was in the supplement business so he tried a variety of different types of therapies.  He became a student of Weston A. Price and began consuming raw milk, grass fed beef and got rid of all junk food and ate only whole food. He noted significant improvement in his health overall but his insulin usage stayed about the same.

He came across Kevin Trudeau’s book “Natural Cures That They Don’t Want You to Know About” and that book inspired him to “cure” his type 1 diabetes. He was about 14 years of age.

In 2006 he was in college experimenting with a Chinese herbalist’s prescribed tea and got  on a forum that led him to watch the animal right’s movie “Earthlings”. That movie changed his thought processes and inspired him to action. After listening to an interview on “Raw Vegan Radio” with Dr. Doug Graham, who was an advocate of a raw 80/10/10 diet (carbohydrate/protein/fat), he signed up for his coaching program and the first week only ate bananas. Dr. Graham’s diet was raw, and the belief was the body would heal itself if given the right raw materials. He also believed in mono meals initially to improve digestion and conserve energy for healing. On this type of diet he ate much more unprocessed carbohydrate but used LESS insulin.

Robby believes from his own personal experience and from the diabetic clients he coaches that 100% of the time insulin sensitivity improves on a low-fat, whole food, plant-based diet with no added oils. The total amount of calories from fat needs to be kept below 30 grams, or less than 15% of the total calories.

The goal for a type 1 diabetic is to be at the lowest dose of insulin appropriate for that patient, not NO insulin. And to eat a diet that protects them from the other chronic diseases especially heart disease. This same diet approach has been shown to prevent and reverse heart disease as well.

He met Dr. Cyrus Khambatta, who is now his business partner and co-director of their “Mastering Diabetes Coaching Program“, in 2006 when Dr. Khambatta was used as a success story from Dr. Doug Graham’s program (

Their Mastering Diabetes Coaching Program has three components:

1) Online videos with different modules that go over how to implement a correct low-fat, whole food plant-based diet. There are practical and tasty recipes included.

2) They conduct a private facebook group which will answers questions within 24 hours by a qualified coach, and a very supportive community of people living with and improving all types of diabetes.

3) Twice a month they have a live online Q & A (1st and 3rd Sundays) where you can see all the participants, and Robby and Dr. Khambatta discuss and answer your questions.

This coaching program costs $29 per month and there is no obligation to continue. You will save money, slow and/or reverse your disease (diabetes) if you follow the principles in their coaching program at

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