Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention and Treatment with the MIND Diet – An Interview with Martha Clare Morris, PhD

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) risk was reduced with HIGH adherence to all three diets – MIND Diet, Mediterranean Diet, and the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension diet (DASH), but MODERATE adherence to the MIND diet also decreased AD risk.

Adherence to the MIND diet significantly slowed cognitive decline with age.

The MIND diet is a hybrid of the Mediterranean and DASH diets. The MIND diet
recommends greater consumption of green leafy vegetables, mixed vegetables,
berries, beans, whole grains and moderate consumption of olive oil and chicken, and fish only once per week. The diet recommends reduced consumption of red meat, cheese, saturated fat, butter and stick margarines, pastries/sweets, fried and fast foods.

Daily, vigorous exercise has been shown to improve cognition in AD subjects. A
daily sense of purpose is important for healthy aging and cognition.

Dr. Morris notes that many of the same positive lifestyle changes that we know
reduce the risk to heart disease (and diabetes) are the same lifestyle changes
that reduce the risk to AD and cognitive decline.

While much research needs to be done Dr. Morris feels positive that we can live
lifestyles that can reduce our risk to AD right now.

Mind Diet Associated with a Reduced Incidence of Alzheimer’s Disease, Alzheimer’s and Dementia, 2015, Volume 11, Issue 9, Pages 1007–1014)

MIND diet slows cognitive decline with aging. Alzheimer’s and Dementia 2015 Sep;11(9):1015-22

Diet May Help Prevent Alzheimer’sThe MIND diet: 10 foods that fight Alzheimer’s (and 5 to avoid)

Martha Clare Morris, PhD, Department of Internal Medicine and Alzheimer’s Disease Center at Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL, USA (312) 942-3223; Fax: (312) 942-2861.

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